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Update / Freshen Up

Was the last time your site had an update it was built on one of these? Technology is constantly changing and so are the ways your site is built. 

Mobile phones are the number one way a site is viewed and having your site optimized is a top priority. 

Reasons to Update


Slow page speeds can cause visitors to get frustrated and leave your site.


Keeping your website up to date with ADA compliance is extremely important.


Your site should be optimized in desktop, mobile and tablet.

Digital Planet - Update

Complete Package

Digital Planet - Custom Build

Every website we build no matter the client, is built from scratch. We do not use any templates or copy any websites we have previously designed. 

This allows us to meet our clients needs and gives the site visitor a better experience. 

We take pride in what we do and we believe that shows in each of the sites we have built since 2008. 

Digital Planet - Website Maintenance

We build each site with a full backend that allows our team to go in and make necessary changes and updates. 

Technology is constantly changing and we want to make sure your site is always up to date, active, and never has issues with broken links or pages. 

Site maintenance is an additional monthly service we offer with each website our team builds.

Digital Planet - Assigned Team

When you decide to work with Digital Planet, you can be assured that our team is all in house. We don't contract or use third parties to build your website. 

You will be assigned your own team to walk you through the process of building your website. Communication is our top priority and we make sure you are a part of each step in your website. 

Randy Eachus

Mobile Optimization

Although your website looks great on a desktop computer, that doesn't always mean it works with mobile phones. With over 80% of your website's traffic now coming from mobile, it is extremely important to build out a separate optimized layout for mobile users. 

Resizing and adjusting text, photos and videos are

a part of optimizing. 

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